Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gigs and gigs

I still get mailed about gigs. So I'm sharing my feed...

Fri 22nd
Humanzi - Savoy Theatre (with Dirty Pretty Things)

Sun 24th
Emmett Tinley - Cyprus Avenue (free show)

Tue 26th
Mickey Harte - De Barra's, Clonakilty, Cork

Wed 27th
Mickey Harte - Instore FM Cork City

Thurs 28th
The Immediate/The Flaws/DC Pakt - UCC, Cork

Fri 29th Mickey Harte - Halfmoon theatre

Sun 1st
Simple Kid - An Cruiscin Lan

Wed 4th
Kieran Goss - Halfmoon theatre (9pm) a Lobby gig

Thurs 5th
The Frames - Everyman Palace Theatre

Fri 6th
The Frames - Everyman Palace Theatre

Sat 21st
God Is An Astronaut - Cyprus Avenue

Sun 22nd
Zero 7 (with Jose Gonsalez) - Savoy Theatre

Wed 25th
David Kitt - Cyprus Avenue

Thurs 26th
David Kitt - Cyprus Avenue

Fri 27th
James Yorkston - Cyprus Avenue

Sun 12th
The Answer - An Cruiscin Lan

Fri 24th
Fionn Regan - Savoy Theatre

Wed 29th
Bell X1 - Savoy Theatre

Thurs 7th
Josh Ritter - Opera House

Tue 12th
Joan As Policewoman / Joan Wasser - Cyprus Avenue

Thurs 18
Ray Lamontagne - Opera House

see Corkgigs for a better list...

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