Thursday, September 14, 2006

Push (Part three of 3)

Late but here...
Part 1 was posted on July 31Part 2 was posted on August 17

Scene three
(Lights up)
(On stage Elizabeth (Lizzie) Murphy, Evelyn Murphy and Sargent Philip Hayes.)

Hayes : I've got the results.
Lizzie : You could have told us over the phone instead of coming here.
Hayes : Yes. But regardless of the outcome of the tests, you are still facing charges. You could have run.
Lizzie : No I couldn't. He's my child I can't leave him.
Hayes : Lizzie. He isn't.
Lizzie : What?
Hayes : The results came in. He isn't your child. You're not his mother.
Evelyn : I'm sorry love.
Lizzie : It's okay. Are you sure?
Hayes : The D.N.A. Test is conclusive. You are not his mother.
Evelyn : So it's over. Is she going to jail.
Hayes : Not necessarily. You honestly thought he was yours. You demanded the test.
Lizzie : No I didn't. You suggested it.
Hayes : Not according to the report.
Evelyn : What?
Hayes : According to the report you ordered that a D.N.A. test be carried out to prove that the child was yours. The hospital didn't, so it had to be you. Officially.
Evelyn : Oh. Officially.
Hayes : It will count for reasonable doubt. Enough for me to suggest dropping the case to the D.D.P. To be honest, we've suspected that something has been going on at the hospital for a while. Rumors only. Nothing substantive. I honestly thought we had them.
Evelyn : You used her!
Hayes : Yes. I'm sorry. Thats why I'm trying to help her now.
Lizzie : It's over.
Evelyn : Yes love I'm sorry.
Lizzie : No it's over. He really is dead. At least I know.
Hayes : Sorry.
Lizzie : For a while I thought maybe. Just maybe he's still here. Then all this started. I've lost him again.
Hayes : If its any help. I thought it too.
Lizzie : But it's over. The doubts are over. I know now. Do you know what that means.
Hayes : um...
Lizzie : I can stop holding my breath. I can live again. Its over.
Evelyn : Love?
Lizzie : Mum. I'm sorry.
Evelyn : Why?
Lizzie : Johnny. My baby. Your grandson.
Evelyn : Yes?
Lizzie : He's dead. (starts crying)
Evelyn : I know love. I know.
Hayes : I'm sorry but...
Evelyn : Formalities?
Hayes : Eh. Yes. There are forms to be signed at the station and she'll have to surrender her passport until everything is sorted.
Evelyn : Come on love.
(start to exit the stage)
(sound effect : land line telephone ringing effect)
Hayes : Do you want to get that?
Evelyn : No. She's more important. She's my baby.
(Lights down while exiting. Keep sound effect playing)

Scene four
(sound effect : land line telephone ringing effect)
(Lights up)
(Dr Malcolm Mac Cambridge crosses stage to answer the phone on the desk)
Malcolm : Hello
(Sister Michael follows from same direction)
Malcolm : Yes. Good to know. Any idea when we'll get the paperwork on this?
Malcolm : Thank you. Goodbye.
(hangs up phone)
Sister : Well?
Malcolm : We were lucky.
Sister : Luck had nothing to do with it.
Malcolm : I take it you swapped the samples?
Sister : Too risky. They simply expected to see a newborn child with the right blood type.
Malcolm : You swapped the ankle tags?
Sister : I made the ankle tags. One newborn is easily mistaken
for another if its not yours.
Malcolm : You planned this from the start? Right?
Sister : One should always have a backup plan. As soon as the fuss started I made sure that I looked after all the tags. Duplicates are easy to make, and put on.
Malcolm : So that's it for now.
Sister : No Malcolm. That's it for good.
Malcolm : What?
Sister : Things are changing. Attitudes about single mothers for a start. I don't think we'll be able to do this again.
Malcolm : Still it was good while it lasted.
Sister : Useful yes. Profitable yes, but I'm not too sure about good.
(Lights down)


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