Thursday, October 05, 2006

Running up that poll

Given the chances of an election soon, I'm wondering if it would be worth running myself.

No, not running away. I mean running for office. Seanad √Čireann to be precise.

To qualify for the University Constituency, I need 2 nominations from registered Senate voters, and to be seconded by a further 8. Unless of course some party wants me. Then again would I want to be a member of a party that wants me?

I'm not the only one thinking about this. Dan O'Sullivan is planing to do it too. My campaign have two strings.
1) Letting graduates from colleges outside the NUI and Trinity pair be eligible to vote in the elections (which is crawling along at the moment). As a DCU graduate I feel this one myself. Constitutional change is necessary, in theory. But it's surprising what loopholes can be found.
2) Stopping an Seanad from sneaking in laws like the Data Retention one. Or at least making sure the blog sphere knows about it.

This is probably a silly idea, but I thought I should ask.

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