Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Macroom Drift

Dear Mister Curran,

When you say the words "Boy Racers an image comes to mind (Sports Racers is an different image). Cars are customised to within an inch of their showroom model. Engines are loud despite their actual size. Music is loud and thumping with a baseball capped head nodding to the beat. And racers must race! There is just one problem with this image. It's usually two separate groups.

Actually, the music overlaps the two images but...

Imagine that you earn very little (it's not that hard to do). Imagine having an obsession which does not involve a bottle of butterscotch flavoured body rub and a person appearing in Heat magazine but in cars. All you money is pumped in to making your little 1000cc car look and sound like the sports car of your dreams (polished in butterscotch flavoured wax and shine perhaps?). Do you really think you're going to risk all that hard work for a thrill ride?

Sorry. The above describes the car modification tribe, frequently called "Boy Racers". These are not the speed merchants who help provide the mortality bump in insurance company death rates. The modification tribe are obvious, but usually the wrong targets of, oh say Dublin Mid West Fianna Fáil TD, John Curran who declared that "Boy Racers Cars should be crushed".

I do agree with part of what he said...
"The scourge of young drivers, mostly men, racing and playing chicken both on the motorways and in housing estates of Dublin is completely unacceptable. Each night cars are raced through built up areas putting the lives of the young drivers and any one who gets in their way at risk."
I agree that this is what is classified as "dangerous driving" in legal and practical terms. However I suspect that these cars are not the highly polished ones, but their slightly run down brethren of cheap(?) small cars driven by reckless drivers.

I'll ask if speed cameras set up in these areas would not be a better idea than ones set up on the open road... If nothing else you'll catch the plates of the doughnut drivers.

A bit late for Stop the Carnage Week but the comments are recent.
take care,

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