Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thanks Conn and Mike

The thing I found most interesting thing about the last Open Coffee Cork event wasn't that it was livecast on uStream.tv (recording available) or the conversations which followed but watching Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Mike "Festoon" Kiely set up the system for the live feed.

Which goes to prove that I focus on the wrong thing most of the time.

Oddly, I don't think anyone changed much with the arrival of the camera (as the number of people not looking at the camera probably attests). Part of this was due to the delay in setting things up. The part one: meet and greet was buffeted with microphones moving around (turned off) and a camera being connected and disconnected... so by the time everything started, we were used to the bloody things.

Sorry, but the microphone problems meant that everyone was comfortable with the things being there (the chat at the table has been going for some time before the stream let alone the recording started). That and the fortunate positioning of the "type 2"s next to each other.

I'm not too sure about who gets the stream next, but use the set-up to calm the nerves.

I can only say thanks for the livecast and congratulations on what happens next.


Are Podcamp Kilkenny and Barcamp Galway going to be livestreamed too?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Conn will be streaming some parts of Barcamp Galway but we haven't planned the exact details yet.

11:09 p.m., August 21, 2007  

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