Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Defrosting January

Reviewing adverts is one thing, however I never thought I'd be reviewing a trailer for a play.
But it does beg the question, given the potential power of internet video, how come so few theatre groups (especially those seeking funding) don't use such an opportunity.

Anyway, on to "They Never Froze Walt Disney" by Jody O’Neill. The trailer is embedded below, and I'll type about it after that.

Theatre Makers specialise in what I'll call "uncomfortable absurdist comedy". The trailer gives an excellent example. What sounds like an insult and accusation, extended just long enough to fall in to humour. The principle of "don't think of an elephant" or "don't laugh at the funeral" which simply triggers the opposite reaction is what they do very well.

The advert itself is a simple "information" advert. This is when the play is on and where it's showing. The mood is simultaneously bleak and absurd. Which is probably a review of the play too.

Well, would you go?
They Never Froze Walt Disney
The Granary Theatre, Cork
8th-12th January at 8pm (preview January 7th)
Bookings & Info: 021 490 4275

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