Sunday, December 16, 2007

Get Granny texting

There was a minor kerfuffle when Meteor aired an advert which seemed to be ageist.

And while Jessica James, may have had fun filming the advert, as a 91 year old she may not be a regular texter.

Which got me thinking. I know that while Granny Mar is still a young woman, she isn't the first person you would come to mind with when it comes to high end technology... so I'm going to make a request... to Meteor.

Get granny texting. Find and film a senior citizen using your products. Upload it to youtube and try to viral it. Even if you don't succeed you can at least point to it as an attempt to make up for the kerfuffle. You could make a series, and I suspect that not only would it smooth the troubled waters created, you might even sell more product.

There is a niche market in making technology for senior citizens. However any product designed for this market is going to have an interface that most people would love. Large screen and buttons would be a start. It's not as if old people don't get technology. Watch the grandparent playing on a Wii (if you can find a Wii) and you'll see a simple and intuitive interface that everyone will love. That's usability!

Living Control are a UK based company which use the tag line is so simple an adult can use it. Do we loose out ability to do things as we get older. Well, yes, but not that much.

There are frequent adverts on the radio at this time of year about keeping an eye on elderly neighbours. Why not give them the technology and the time to learn how to use it so they can communicate the way we're used to. A friendly chat isn't as good as an IM chat, but it's a start.

And while I'm on the topic. Could anyone recommend the computer set-up I should get my mum using?

take care,

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Blogger grannymar said...

Will, that advert was offensive!

I am available if they want a REAL older woman!

As for 'keeping an eye on elderly neighbours' adverts; they are a good idea but what about the other 360 odd days of the year. The old and infirm are with us all throughout the year and not just at Christmas.

I heard an ex Cardboard City tenant say the other day that “At Christmastime there are so many turkey dinners, one becomes choosy about which partake of!”

Thank you for bringing this to everyones attention.

Good luck to your mum with the computer. I look forward to seeing her on the blogs!

9:26 a.m., December 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually found that advert offensive, not because of the age of the woman, but for the implication that unless you buy someone a gift costing at least €149 then you are not welcome (check the phone shown at the end of the advert, both are quite costly).

With grannymar, I found that I had to force the issue at each step:
"What would I need a mobile phone for?" Now she's never out without it.

"What would I need the internet for?" Mum probably logs more hours per day than I do, last year she found a better package, ordered it and installed it herself.

"What use would Skype be for me?" It's rekindled her relationship with her brother in Oz, and allowed her to keep in close contact when he recently had a major operation.

"Who on earth would read a blog I wrote?" She now has a larger readership than me...

It's all about pushing people sometimes and not allowing them to give up if something seems difficult.

As for your mum, when you get the laptop/PC, set up windows with separate account and give her the kiddie account to start with - unable to mess with system settings, and hide the operating system files. That way things can't get broken easily. You can increase the permission level as she gets more used to the computer.

10:40 a.m., December 18, 2007  
Blogger cork-host said...

GrannyMar, may the lord have mercy on Meteor if they try to push you around.

However I think they might need a novice. If you have a friend you want to rope in to it... I'll let you know if they contact me. And let me know if they contact you.

I think Mum is being trying out the basic at the IWA. But "kiddie" access isn't whats needed. Having her setup match what they have in the IWA is more important.

I was wondering what type of machine / power is needed for basic access? I'm thinking firefox, open office and media software (and virus protection etc set on automatic)

12:44 p.m., December 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


my mum is in her 70's and she's mad texter. And her closest mates as well. Contrast with one of her (younger) brothers who barely knows how to answer calls on his phone.


2:21 p.m., December 20, 2007  

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