Thursday, December 18, 2003

The flowers of March

Gentle reader,

Well the Hothouse Flowers are alive and (well I assume but it's hard to tell) well, and coming to Cork. March 27 see them visiting presumably in support of 'Your Love Goes On' due for release on January 16.

They aren't coming to Cork but the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are visiting Phoenix Park in Dublin on Saturday June 12 2004. Tickets, which are limited to six person, go on sale on Monday December 22 priced €59.50. Somehow I suspect it's going to sell out really fast...

And in a Hollywood Reporter article, Nigel Travis president and chief operating officer of Blockbuster Inc. called for an end to regional coding on DVDs. "The extra time on windows created by regional coding is an opportunity that pirates exploit." he said at Perspectives in European Video conference in Marseilles, France. Normally I'd suspect it to be pandering to the audience. After all the pirates hit the non-Region 1 area hardest. However this is the president of Blockbuster... the people more or less responsible for keeping Hollywood in profit. Somehow I suspect they will listen to the money.

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