Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Well thanks be to betsy that it's over

Gentle reader,

I've got a few days to find my life...

It sounds weird, but the shows are over. No more runnning off at a panic after work to get to wither rehersals or the play (and in one case, rehersals for one play followed by the performance of another).

This means that I have my evenings back.

Then on Saturday my life takes a Dublin shaped turn and I have to deal with the most frightening thing any Irish man has to face. The Mammy.

Actually there are far more frightening things, but "The Mammy" knows every button to press on your psyche to get you to do something. Usually self-descruct.

And since this is for the lenght of the Christmas season. Allow me to say "aggghhh" and be done with it.

On the plus side I get to meet a LOT of friends who are unable to or too afraid to leaving the smoke. Last year I ended up meeting a gang in the Gresham in Dublin. Literally if was me sitting there while people showed up, caught up and left. It felt like being in Switzers window (which they don't do anymore).

Oh well. I'm playing catchup with my life in the knowledge that I'm loosing it again the following week, only to play an even more manic game of catch up in January.

And the holidays are meant to be relaxing!

take care,


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