Wednesday, January 21, 2004

CD Wow settled

News (from the BBC) just in!

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the British version of IRMA and CD-Wow! were due to have gone to court in two weeks' time.
CD-Wow! had been accused of violating UK copyright law by importing cheaper CDs from outside Europe to the UK.

"As a result of the settlement CD Wow! has agreed that it will not sell CDs that have been first placed on the market outside Europe to UK and Irish customers. ..."
--BPI chairman Peter Jamieson

"It will only sell CDs that have first been placed on the European market to UK and Irish customers. All other details of the settlement are confidential"
--BPI chairman Peter Jamieson

You noticed the Irish bit I assume.
I don't know if the settlement includes the IRMA lawsuit, but I suspect the result will be the same (the euro equivalent of £2 sterling added as a surcharge on to every CD sent to Ireland).


Still makes them cheaper than the shops.


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