Monday, January 19, 2004

Housing authority

Gentle reader,

Ended up going light shopping with the Librarian. Or rather shopping for a light.
He's more or less discovered that it's not bright enough to read in the dark recesses of his library (which is what happens when you place shelves between the windows and the books. However as "the fair maiden" pointed out a while back, it's a bit "couple-ish".

Now then, It must be admitted that we are both thinking of buying a house. Or rather two houses. While we might continue to share if the other buys a house, it would only be for a little while.

It's surprising how other people can get on your nerves. (I have yet to live with my clone, no doubt we would both hate it). I suppose it's easier if they are blood relations (siblings and parents) in that you are used to each other, and you still can't stand them.
If you are sleeping with them (and there is no way am I going to sleep with the librarian, unless it's for a large cash prise and the memories are wiped afterwards) boy/girlfriend, sibling, f***-buddies (if they still exist, doubtful, emotions would get in the way if a house share was taking place at the same time) then I suppose it's considered a pay off. Then you have a vested interest in not getting on each others nerves (and you have more options for stopping them, "initiating romantic overtures" may be a little clinical, but it will stop them from humming "Mandy" for the tenth time that hour).

I've known the librarian since more or less my first day at college, and years of knowing someone means you know when to avoid them. But, and there is always a but. But I don't see a long term, er, commitment taking place anytime soon. When I can afford to break out on my own, I probably will. As will he.

So, anyone know what the lotto numbers are for Wednesday?

take care,


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