Thursday, January 08, 2004


Gentle reader,

Sometimes spam can be entertaining!

Wed 12:16 Leigh Lilly No Prescription Necessary for the New Year 1 kb
Of course not, 2004 arrived regardless...

Wed 13:56 Franklin Haas THe patch works For 2004 1 kb
At last, the patch which will help you prevent 2004 from occurring!

Wed 14:48 Sergio Henderson Learn to make a fortene on eBay! jd sf 2 kb
According to tene is a verb of "teen". So you can make a teenager on Ebay. Isn't that illegal?

Wed 18:19 Impulsive Some un/known facts about ...... testicles 2 kb
I think this might be a legitimate mail about testicular cancer, but I'll still consider it spam.

Wed 20:34 Carrie Werner Earn huge mondenominateey quickly from home... 5 kb
What a "mondenominateey"

Wed 21:21 Cassie Keith iowa greta cress jettison 4 kb
Today 07:01 Jillian Hagan d's born koppers marjorie 4 kb
Don't you just love random word generators

Today 00:53 Braun Re: CX, duplicate keys belonging 2 kb
Yes folks, let CX copy the keys to your front door. Just give us your front door key, your address and details on how to turn off your alarm system :)

take care,


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