Thursday, February 26, 2004

Shakin' all over

Gentle reader,

Is it nepotism if you aren't related? That's why I'm typing about Shakers re-stirred.

I don't know if the "re-stirred" bit is part of the title.

So... Call Back Theatre Co. presents John Godber's adult comedy Shakers (Re-Stirred). John Godber wrote Bouncers. However instead of focusing on the people at the door, the play goes inside a bit, and focuses on the waitresses. The comedy is written by Godber with Jane Thornton, so I assume this means the female perspective is genuine. Fast-paced, full of observations on life and circumstance, moving and very funny.

"Every town has its local trendy cocktail bar where everyone wants to be seen, from the local check-out girls to the chinless wonders, from the yuppies to the local lads tittering at the thought of a "long comfortable screw". We are given a wickedly funny glimpse of this world by the four long-suffering waitresses who work there. Rushed off their feet, underpaid and overworked, they try to smile and help the difficult customers whilst coping with their own personal problems. A fascinating and often hilarious view of the reality which lurks behind the plastic palms and the Pina Coladas."

Marion Wyatt, directs this thrilling new version of Shakers(Re-Stirred) with a cast that includes, award winning actress Ann Dorgan, (Tally's Folly) Rosie O'Regan, most recently seen in (Torn), Alison Moore (Translations) and Cora Fenton (Eclipsed).

Cora Fenton is actually why I'm writing about it. She's someone I know and has been directly responsible, usually with the help of John Sheehy, for dragging me screaming (but not kicking) in to some of the most entertaining and downright silly things I've been involved in. The only involvement I intend to have with this one is showing up and handing over my money. I suspect that I'll be laughing too.

Not recommended for under 15's. This probably means lots of talking about it, but not getting to see it. For any given value of it.

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