Monday, March 08, 2004

A full weekend - Last Friday

Gentle reader,

The best laid plans and all that. My plan was, finish work, take a look at the house I'm thinking of buying, head back to Cork and Aldi to pick up things, after that it's off to the gym and then catch a late show in the cinema.

Well its didn't quite work out like that.

The fall out from the gig came first. Lot of congratulations. As I said to one of the other willing victims of the gig "have you had people coming up to you all day going 'good on ya'?" "Yup". It gets embarrassing very quickly.

As soon as work ended, off to Fermoy and house hunting. It took a LOT of hunting. I spent about an hour and a half driving through Fermoy to find where the house would be. Yeah, its a site being prepared for development work. A tip to estate agents everywhere. Put the roads on which the estate will go in the details!

Anyway off to Aldi. Yeah it was one of their specials I was after. I think I mentioned it before there that I'm going to be involved in a long charity cycle, so I thought I ought to get cycle shorts for the training. I got in near their closing time.

By the time I left, it was too late for the gym, so I headed home and watched the TV for a bit. A bit too much. I missed the late show.

Oh well,


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