Friday, February 27, 2004

A full weekend - Thursday Night

A full weekend - Thursday Night

Gentle reader,

"You shouldn't be nervous. You've done stuff in the Opera House. You've had over 1,000 people watching you perform."
"Yeah, but I don't know them. It's a whole different level of nervous."

And so it is. When the idea for a band at work doing a charity gig first surfaced, it seemed like a good idea. I'm only doing two songs, not singing for the night. Not a bother. I texted friends telling them about the gig. There was a bit of buzz at work over it.

On the night, the friends showed up! A whole bunch from work was there.


There were bright sides of course. I hadn't seen Dav for about a year, there was a lot of catching up. It's a strange path from the higher end of the UCC English department to the lower end of the banking structure, but there he is. Biding time until he goes to Australia for a while.
"Son of the writer" was there too telling me tales of problems with the show he's in (which clashed with things of mine, so I'm not involved).
And "Goldbloom" also showed up. In addition he asked if I would be willing to play backup for something he wanted to do on Sunday (more later).

The surprise for me was someone I hadn't seen for at least 3 years. "GG". Now most of you know something about GG, he runs the Great Graphics company (hence the nickname for blog purposes of GG. I try to avoid real names unless they ask me). Meaning he produces the Whazon guide each month. The site has been completely updated since last time I looked at it, following a redesign by the new webmistress (I think it's Ruth, but it could have been Rachel).

This was about when I realised just how many people from work were there.

The flight or fight response does not kick in when only faced with a physical threat. A Major threat to your social standing makes the exit signs seem all the more appealing. Of course, flight means not being there when your names is called. Which is worse.

My time arrived.
I went up. Rob started on the guitar.
I took a deep breath.
I opened my mouth.
And sang.

Needless to say, it went well.

The night made €1,271.30 divided between Outreach Moldova and Aid Cancer Treatment.

Now there is talk of us lot doing stuff for the Christmas party.

I'm hiding now,


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