Thursday, March 11, 2004

Info Dump

Gentle reader,

Another Info Dump, with my usual opinions of what is good and worth seeing.

They are alive! Last seen in the 90s Blink return with a summer release; their "Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness" album with shows at the Lobby, Cork (March 24) and De Barra's, Clonakilty (March 25).

After the blast from the past, the Opera House, (more or less in
chronological order)...

Fri 12th & Sat 13th March Chez Jack L singing about Love, Sex,
Death and Brel. If you see only one crooner this year... Tickets from: €22.50

Wed 17th March Damien Dempsey Tickets from: €20, but probably
sold out by now. Perosnally I'm not too sure about him live, but he
writes the stuff really well.

Fri 19th March Sharon Shannon. Tickets from: €20. Not my thing,
but she is well known and respected in her field.

Sat 20th March Rubyhorse. Tickets from: €20. The Cork band that
said "feck this for a laugh. Let's head to the US and make it big over
there". And they did. Not too sure if they are back to these showes for
good or just for the week.

Wed 24th March Juliet Turner & Support. Tickets from: €20. Back
from burnign her black suit, with new material and probably a few new
stories too.

Ellen Kent & Opera International present The Chisinau National Opera
returning with two great Puccini masterpieces; Turandot Thurs
25th March, 8pm and Tosca Fri 26th March 8pm. Well it is and Oprea House. Opera

Saturday 27th March The Hothouse Flowers Tickets: €23.
I'm not going to make "Bloomtown" jokes, but they are back, and
apparantly better after their "rest".

Opens Fri 2nd April 7.30pm The Sound of Music. Tickets from: €18.
Totally biased on this one. I know someone in it. No idea what she's
doing in it. Anyway everyone knows the sotry (and probably the tunes by
now) so there is not much point is writing anything else. You either
love it or hate it already. TheatriX are not likely to have any death
threats over this one!

Wednesday 14th April Calexico. Tickets: €25.
Sunday 18th April Joe Dolan. Tickets: €25.

No commehts on these ones. Just mentioning tham and surprised that I
haven't heard anything about these before now.

And so, on to March in the Lobby.

Fri 12th Paul Tiernan €7.
Originally from Cork, Paul is one of the main players
with Interference. He also featured on the music series ‘Other Voices..
Can't remember if I've heard him, but I do know the name.

Sat 13th Adam Snyder €8
New Yorker who joined Mercury Rev in the mid 90’s. At the same time he continued to write his own songs and perform solo. In 2000
he left the Rev, struck out on his own and released his debut album Across
The Pond. Special guest Barry McCormack.
Name recognition from Mercury Rev. He could be terrible, but it's not
that likely is it?

Sat 20th The Pale €10/8
Mathew Devereaux & Co. who are due to release a new album
this year but are also remembered for their hits in the 90’s – Dogs with no
Tails and Butterfly.
Blink, and the Hothouse FLowers are back too. It feels like a 90's
revival. Soone we'll have "I live the first two months of 2004" on the

Wed 24th Juno Falls €7
In January 2003, the band began writing and recording with musician and record producer Herbie Macken.
The bands single 'This Song is your own' received the highest ever vote of confidence from the listeners of Today
FM's Tom Dunne show, 99.7%
It's the Tom Dunne thing that has them here. A good recomendation to say
the least.

BellX1 have a small bit of an Irish tour on, with Cork showing up in the
guise of a visit on Sunday 28th to the Half Moon. Tickets €14 from the Half Moon Box Office, ph 021 4274308

Berkeley emerge from their winter hibernation of recording (well building their own studio)
and visit Cork on Fri March 26th with Fair Verona in Cypress
Avenue (Old Oak Bar €10) and on Sat 27th March and Sunday March 28th, again with Fair Verona
in DeBarras, Clonakilty (Tel: +35323 3381 Tickets: free).

take care,


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