Friday, April 23, 2004

Cork welcomes Slovakia

Gentle reader,

I've started getting bumph on the various Irish town and cities welcoming the new entrants in to the EU.

Direct link, which mat change.

The celebration on May Day (everyone loves a bank holiday), are nice!
Patrick Street looks like its going to be closed off for lots of gigs (and the Lord Mayor doing the official bits at the beginning), and the "Bizarre Bazaar" in Fitzgerald's Park looks ...

Well it looks plain weird; "a synergistic event fusing art, craft, performances and food". That description sounds like a performance art food fight. Considering that the Snatch crew are going to be there, it might not be too far fetched a description.

The other odd looking thing is "Brown Thomas Window" (but there are lots of windows") in which "will display pre-recorded footage of dance theatre, combined with live dance performance". I see breakages on the horizon.

Something that I've been told to check out is.. Club One, Phoenix Street, Electric Rain. It sounds like the odd mix of music, poetry, performance and art (and what ever you're having yourself) that used to take place in the Cruscin Lan.

Anyway, that's next weekend.
This weekend I've got to see a man about a bike!

take care,


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