Monday, April 19, 2004

Climbing all those mountains

Gentle reader,

I've climbed that bloody mountain and crossed that stream. The run of "The Sound of Music" has finished in the Opera House.

A few images will remain in my head....

The stage crew enacting their version of "So long, farewell" while the kids were performing it on stage.
It sounds silly, but it keeps certain things going...

the "conversations at the party", really a series of one liners trying to make someone burst out laughing in front of the audience...

McTwirl's quote "but they were having straight sex!", which is weird out of context, and even weirder in context.

So with the show over I have my evening back.

So I get to climb mountains.

I'm in a cycling "club" (note it is not a club for all you legal types out there. I walks like a club, it quacks like a club, but it's not a club, since "club" means something in legal terms).
And as you can guess, a cycling club means climbing mountains.
The hard way.

take care,


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