Thursday, April 01, 2004

Just a little thing

Gentle reader,

If this is an April Fools Day prank, it can be considered public domain and so can be turned in to a product without the need of a patent!

The SIMKey Keyring Databank looks like a keyring PDA. It takes the SIM card from your phone and stores it in it's memory. It also has enough memory for three sim cards. And once the card in in there, you can add and remove your numbers.

If you've ever lost your phone (or corrupted your sim card), then getting the numbers in to a new sim card is the worst part of the process. This way, if you uploaded the numbers first, its a doddle.

On the same site they also have the Mogo SIM Card Backup which sounds like a simpler version (single function) version of the same thing.

There is also stuff I will never user, like the "World's Smallest Travel Hairdryer" and the "Transparent Pink Glitter Safe". On the other hand the non-tech Twister Duvet Cover looks like fun!

take care,


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