Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Gentle reader,

I have to mention friends of mine all appearing on stages this week.

In the CAT Club (aka the Cork Arts Theatre), a whole gang are doing Caught on the Hop. It's a farce, and it's meant to be a farce (I've seen some of those plays too). It's on now, and finishes on Saturday, and it's worth seeing.

In the Granary Theatre tonight there are two new play's by Martin Crimp; Face to the wall and Fewer Emergencies, starting at 6pm. One again I know people in them.

Fewer Emergencies focuses on how desensitised we have become to atrocity, while Face to the Wall examines what causes a man to walk into a school and begin shooting the children.
Featuring a cast of professional performers, some of whom I know in real life. The plays are not for the squeamish.

And while I'm at it, on Sunday 28 there will be another Snatch Workshops on Improvised Comedy at the Granary Theatre. This one, the fourth in the series (10.30 - 5 PM FEE EUR10) deals with the physical offers and development, which should be considered equal to the verbal offers already dealt with.

So expect some slapstick.

take care,


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