Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Making links

Gentle reader,

If you are reading htis, you are probably using a computer.
You probably know the jokes about a new user wondering how to use the foot pedal...
well, it exists.

It probably gives a good workout to the calves.

In other links; together at last. The stars of hip-hop and soul are at last joined by their ringtones in this downloadable album.
I would ask why, but I like mash-ups. At the moment I'm listening to John Marr's Toxic Rhythm. Toxic Rhythm is a mash-up of the vocals from Cut Back's classic 'Rock To The Rhythm' along with minor bass lines, beats and the tune from Britney's 'Toxic'. It works!

For the techie's; someone has created the Tricorder chip

and... since I like Transformers, it appears that BMW has made a Mini Cooper robot.
Here's hoping for a Mini adventure!

take care,


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