Thursday, March 11, 2004

Info Dump : News

Gentle reader,
Some news for you...

Ash release the first new material from their 4th full-length album
in the shape of the download-only single, "Clones", which is
available with an option to view the video for the song. All details of
the download are available at the band’s website.

The Divine Comedy (also know as Neil Hannon) are (is) back, and with a new album.
'Absent Friends' will be released on March 29th. Written largely over the course of a year which saw the dissolution of the old line up, the birth of Neil's first child, extensive US touring and a move from London to Dublin. These events all contributed to the general subject matter of the album and its title 'Absent Friends.' Neil says, 'Most of the songs employ stories and characters as a framework within which are discussed the loose themes of coming, going and not quite being where you want to be'.

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