Friday, March 12, 2004

Quotes : Madrid

The Wrap: Carnage in Madrid

Ros Taylor
12 March 2004


In recent years, the mobile telephone has become a particularly poignant feature of reports filed from disaster scenes: a cry of distress, audible to witnesses but unheard by the dead. After the Paddington train crash, the rescue teams spoke of silent carriages pierced by the rings. Today's reports are no exception.

"Every few minutes Luisa Guitierez furiously punched out the number of her husband's mobile telephone," says the Times. "She kept telling herself that her husband would somehow have got off the train, but with every passing hour Senora Guitierez was losing hope. Nicolas
Guitierez, 32, was starting a new job with a Madrid law firm and had joked with his wife that he was going to get there early to make a good impression."

"On many bodies," a doctor is reported as saying in the Guardian, "we could hear the person's mobile phone ringing as we carted them away."


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