Friday, March 12, 2004


Gentle reader,

I assume you have heard about the incident in Madrid.

"There were pieces of train in the street and dead people trapped in the twisted iron," one Madrid resident told BBC News Online.

I heard about it on the radio yesterday morning on my way to work. It was just breaking news then. When I came home, the incident had changed. It expanded...

Ten radio controlled explosions in rush hour packed train stations. The leading suspects are ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna) or a branch of al Qaeda. The Spanish government declared three days of national mourning and said schools, museums and the central bank would shut on Friday. King Juan Carlos, often an anchor in times of turbulence, made a sombre television address to the nation.

Last night the death toll was 192.
This morning 198.
And still due to rise.
The bombs were on the trains themselves. If the first train had been on time...

The news will probably only get worse.

look after yourselves,

From the BBC.
1. Atocha station, 0639 GMT: Four bombs explode on a train entering the station. Three blasts on a train inside the station.
2. El Pozo station, 0641 GMT: Two explosions
3. Santa Eugenia station, 0642 GMT: One explosion

Emergency numbers for worried relatives
(00 34) 900 200 222
(00 34) 915 767 000


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