Monday, March 22, 2004

buzz and bursting

Gentle reader,

I wrote earlier about the Librarian's addiction to Diet Coke, well he's not the only one. This article about Diet Coke (do I need some sort of TM thingy?) gives the product's history, and lists just how addicted some people are to it.

Sort of related is Goldbloom's hospital stay. I got a text early Sunday morning (about crawling home time from Saturday night) that he was in A&E. He is diabetic. Very diabetic. So severe in fact that he has an electric pump to keep the stuff flowing in to him. The pump failed.

So he's in hospital. There are a few stories from his stay.... like the farter.

Someone (else) in the room kept farting so loudly that night that it kept waking him. It turns out that the ability to fart loudly was a sought after talent in ancient Ireland.
I'm not making this up.
It was the lowest form of entertainer; at the feasting the Bruin would be called up to "entertain" the gathered guest with a loud rousing "cheer".

So the Farrelly Brothers are just continuing an age old tradition.

Take care,


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