Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Listen closely

Gentle reader,

The "tribunal" in the US looking in to the "September 11 2001 incidents" are available online. The 9/11 Commission Hearings are available right now for free at http://www.audible.com/911hearings. The current hearings available include ...
Richard A. Clarke (3/24/04 the guy who is filling the fan with truckloads of... stuff),
Colin L. Powell (3/23/04 the sec. of state a.k.a. Foreign afairs and the only member of GW Bush's cabinet who isn't trying to get his job back after the elections in November),
Donald Rumsfeld (3/23/04 who appears to have lost his middle initial while in Iraq),
Madeleine K. Albright (3/23/04 the sec. of state under the Clinton),
George J. Tenet (3/24/04 former(?) head of the CIA).

If Condi Rice ever appears, that's probably where you will hear it.

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