Friday, March 26, 2004


Gentle reader,

Well since most of my friends know, I may as well admit it. I'm looking to buy a house, and I'm getting assistance through Cork County Council. At it happens I'm buying in Fermoy.

At least I intend to, there seems to be problems.

Most of then are due to RTE!

Two days ago I hung up on a conversation with Cork County Council (South). Since I'm looking at Fermoy, and Fermoy is looked after by Cork County Council (North) my file is being sent over.
That evening there was an article on RTE (Mum phoned me up when looking at the 6pm news, I saw the shorter version on the 9pm news). The County Council are building houses in Fermoy (and Youghal and a few other places). They are going cheap because a) they are designed for first time buyers, b) they are subsidised and c) no one seemed to apply for them.

Of course the reason that no one was applying for them is that no one even knew it existed (most people I spoke to thought that the sign the builder put up (in small text) was to do with the oft dreamed about Fermoy by-pass).

Cork County Council (North) is swamped by people looking for details.

One of those swampers was me. Well, they already have my file, right? (Actually no, it's still in transit). They don't have any details that they can give out.

Now I took a look at them, and they are nice, but I decided to go with my original plan. There were two main reasons for this. 1) From looking at them, there seemed to be something odd about the layout on the first floor and 2) the country council (a.k.a. the sellers) were refusing to release details about the houses. In fact it looks like they won't be in a position to release details until May.

By may I suspect most of the people trying to get information about the houses now, will have stopped looking in that particular direction.

But at the moment there are a lot of forms hastily filled out roaming around Cork County Council (North)'s offices. And the forms between the schemes look alike.

Here's hoping I don't end up in the wrong (missing) list until May.

take care,


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