Friday, April 02, 2004

Too much "dumped" information

Gentle reader,

I like blogs. (well this is a blog so I tend to like other blogs... and so on).

Anyway, I've been playing with Kinja.

It's another one of Nick Denton's babies. Still in beta, but it appears to work like this...
You enter the URL of a blog you want to 'track'. It parses it, and keeps an eye on it.
When the blog is updated, it adds (the beginning of) that update to your selection of blogs.
So instead of trawling through several (or more) blogs every day, you get to see all the updates in one place.

You still have to go to the blog in question to read the full post, but with infrequent posters like me, it's useful. Also you can get to see the spreading of a meme in almost real time.

There is one "major" bug in it... when you enter a blog which is not in it's database, it bumps all the past posts in to the digest in one, well, info dump (which reminds me, I have another one on the way).

Which means, since it only went live yesterday, unless someone else entered the blog you want to keep an eye on, you end up with a LOT of already read posts, effectively blocking your current view.

It's only nasty for the first hour or so but it's a pain.
Once it's in the system, things run smoothly.

Well, as smooth as a blog anyway...

take care,


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