Friday, April 02, 2004

Some things just never die

Gentle reader,

I was thinking about buying the 1991 movie The Commitments, then I discovered that there is a "Collector's Edition" due out soon. I also discovered that they never died.

Or rather the band didn't quite die when the movie ended. On CNN is an interview with Dick Massey (a.k.a. Billy Mooney) and Ken McCluskey (a.k.a. Derek Scully) are in the real band that plays as the Commitments.

Of course some of the cast are sill in music and movies. The Frames' Glen Hansard and Maria Kennedy Doyle have links to their band's sites on the right. Andrew Strong is big in Denmark. Robert Arkins (Jimmy Rabbit) is playing somewhere still, and Jimmy's little sister made it big time. She was played by Andrea Corr.

Angeline Ball, Bronagh Gallagher and the little know Colm Meaney are still acting strong.

Still how often does a fictional band survive ten years. S-Club 7 didn't last that long:)

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