Tuesday, April 13, 2004

An Northern Irish angle on Iraq...

Martin Kelly of the Washington Dispatch compares the Coalition forces in Iraq with that of the Northern Ireland situation for the British.

I'm choosing my words carefully here. I've spent most of this long weekend away from PCs, TVs, radio and newspapers (but not Playstations... to which the bags under my eyes can attest), but I know things got worse recently.

It's amazing how little gets effected by a huge event somewhere else.

I would have expected shock and dismay, but I got chats about what people did over the weekend (and the complicated love triangles that McWhirler keeps bumping between, more on this much much later) and how much chocolate was eaten. And how people worked around the "no alcohol for sale on Good Friday" rule (the Opera House was packed for that half and hour).

But no "news" news, just gossip.

Well I suppose friends are more interesting that nameless faces, and faceless names on the screen.

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