Monday, October 11, 2004

Getting rid of backlog - Info Dump vol 2

More and more backlog

The Cork Opera House has Stomp coming up, or rather coming back on October 19 - October 24. Stomp is a dance show, however it's using music and noises generated from boots to bin-lids to broom and things not beginning with the letter 'B'.

If I remember the history correctly, it was created by a bunch of out of work dancers working as builders, when they realised that their work boots worked better than tap shoes.

4.48 PSYCHOSIS by Sarah Kane opens in the Granary tonight.

The photographic exhibitions The People’s Taxi and Album are still showing in Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh. They show the physical and emotional landscape of West Belfast where the photographer McCoy lived and worked. Somehow, a photographer working as a taxi driver in West Belfast takes some guts.

Interesting things in HREF="">The Lobby is Katell Keineg on October 14. And on the day before, October 13, Albert Niland plays in support of his Dirty Day album. This is the one with his rough-voiced cover of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights".

I did mention before that Josh Ritter plays the Cork Opera House on December 13 before?

Does Cypress Avenue have it's own web site yet? Athlone’s Bunny October 14.

Ross O’Donovan who recorded the Waiting Room album has set up Data Studios in Crosshaven. Email for rates, bookings. I just hope he's luckier than the band.

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