Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Need a little Christmas?

Well that's life I suppose...

Nothing for weeks and then everything together.

Well the house is going again. Or rather, the lawyers have finally finished, and the financial go-ahead has been approved. I'm going to be in major debt, and have a bank own my property for years. yeah, I'm buying... time to start looking at property porn.

Last week Aldi had winter cycling gear. I couldn't go last week as the father of a friend of mine died and I was off to the funeral. (That's why I wasn't posting, I'll blog about it in a separate post.) I called in last weekend hoping something was left (or rather something in my size was left). Nada. however their Christmas stock had arrived. I bought Christmas cake and mince pies. (The pies didn't last the weekend, but I didn't eat all the pies.)

This trend continued over the weekend, I ended up in town. In theory I was there to get membership for, and to buy tickets for the 49th Cork Film Festival (for logistical reasons there was a 4 hour gap between when you could join and when you could buy tickets), but I ended up in Brown Thomas' Christmas department buying decorations.

Which reminds me, I'm going to have a house... I can finally have my own tree!

I guess that this year I'm skipping Hallowe'en.


take care,


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