Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Drowning or waving

I'm trying to remember if I like The Devlins.

I know I don't actively dislike them, but ... most of that I've heard of their stuff is "screen saver"ish. You know, something rather nice that you use to prevent burn in, but you don't really care enough about to prevent you from aborting the screen saver at any point.

I'm only mentioning it because They play the Half Moon on November 6.

I've given up on trying to assemble the e-mails in to a large info dump. I'm drowning in info, like a large chunk of September events I never posted. From now on I'll be posting the interesting bits as they arrive. So be prepared for me repeating myself.

So on that note...

The Chalets will be releasing “The Nightrock EP” on October 22 on the Nasty Pop label. It will include “Night Rocker”, “Kiss Chasing”, “Love Punch” and “David Boring” and was recorded with Richard Grainey and Gareth Mannix.

Juana Molina’s video for “Solo Su Voz” is available to view here

The song is taken from her Tres Cosas album (her second this year on Domino) which was released last Friday 17 September.

Snow Patrol have announced that they will be releasing a live DVD of their Somerset House show which took place in London in August. The DVD is called Snow Patrol Live 2004 –Mums And Dads Of The World Be Patient With Your Children. It will include the live show in its entirety plus a whole bagful of extras.

They are on tour in the U.S. until the middle of October when they return to Europe for (you guessed it) more touring!


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