Monday, February 07, 2005

Exchange rates

One of the advantages of sharing the house with The Librarian is that not only does he collect books like it's going out of style, but DVD too.

The downside of this is that his tastes runs towards schlock horror, and a lot of this collection reflects this.

Ginger Snaps is not schlock, it is however low budget horror. It also spawned a sequel and a prequel.

Both DVDs have commentaries.

They are Canadian films, but funded form the US. On the commentary track the director complains that the US dollar has dropped so much in comparison to the Canadian dollar that the exchange rate was killing them...

Pressing stop, up popped the US Ambassador to Ireland asking for more students to apply for the J1 visa.
I suspect the Euro - US dollar exchange rate is such that it's more profitable for the students to remain on this side of the Atlantic.

After all, if the Canadian dollar is worth so much...

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