Tuesday, June 07, 2005

too much information

There have been a scarcity of posts from this direction for a while.

Normally when a blogger stops posting for a while, it's because nothing has happened.

In my case it's because I'm too busy to post.

There was a bit of a crisis at work, which meant late nights.
To complicate matters, I was also in the Cork Arts Theatre one act play competition. Acting in one play and directing another.

The funny things about a play is that, well, when the show is on, the night goes smoothly. You start about an hour before hand to get ready (as an actor, most of the technical end of things, you end up starting earlier), do the show and you leave. During the rehearsals, that's when all the late nights begin. And the later they get the closer to the opening night you get.

I'm also a bastard of a director, I keep people in a little too late.

Well, we won the production prize. And the cast are still talking to me.

So that's why I haven't been posting.
That and the fact that my machines are carefully split up and packed in to boxes for the house move.

I'm leaving the city and moving to Fermoy. Soon I'll experience the 'joys' of the tunnel during rush hour.

Don't worry. You'll all get the boring moving stories (moving stuff up to the house over the weekend, no really tales of a capital of culture eh?).

take care,


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