Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dunnes Gear(y)

Jam Junior is on tonight, and Collie is playing. Personally I'd like to get the free CD being given out at the gig. I like Collie, but I think I'm a little too old for Jam Junior.

Rumours abound that The Prodigy are due to visit around the date of their Belfast visit (November 18). They release a "best of" in October. Well, they did break up so a best of album is not unexpected. What is unexpected is that it's coming out after they regrouped.

Where is the Mercury Lounge? I'm asking as Anto Yau sent out his e-mails, mentioning a gig in September there. No idea where there is...

Mark Geary hits Cork in October playing Sirus Arts Centre (21), An Cruisin Lan (22) and De Barra’s, Clinakilty (23).

And finally... on September 2nd John Spillane's "The Dunnes Stores Girl" get released. It might be interesting to see if Dunnes actually sells it.

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