Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pick-up tips

Randy N. Chicago posted a few gay bar tips (which might have come from something called Unzipped Magazine), but some of the tips should apply to the meat market that is Reardons.

3. The lights are dim for a reason.

4. The more pissed off you look, the more likely you’ll get hit on.

7. If someone buys you a drink, at the very least acknowledge them and say, “Thank you.” Even if you wouldn’t tie them up in bed and leave them there.

9. If you’re not picky about who you sleep with, then by all means, drink until you can’t stand up.

14. Being beautiful only gets you into bed. Being smart, funny, charming and interesting gets you breakfast the next morning.

15. The key to a successful pickup line is fresh breath.

19. If a situation undoubtedly calls for you to throw your drink in someone’s face, do it. You might never get another chance.

However not all tips apply

12. That said, you should dress like who you want to go home with.

Unless of course you can pull off a micro-mini and lipstick.
Like Dave....

take care,


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