Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tis' (going to effect) the season

High petrol prices are having an effect. The grumbling is getting louder.

However with for the effect of the heating fuel to hit.

It turns out that Natural Gas is used for heating in the US too. However we won't be importing the stuff over here. "Natural gas from the Middle East would have to be cooled to -256 Fahrenheit, liquefied, transported in special ships, and then re-gasified in the United States."

However we only saw a 25% price hike. It's probably highter in the unregulated world of the US. Also as this Slate article points out, "heating-fuel prices hikes will have a different psychological and economic impact than rising gasoline prices". Pertol is bought in small chunks. Heating oil is bought is a hugh lump, and natural gas bills arrive every month.

Of course the bigger your MacMansion, the more you need to pay to heat it.
"And the first big bills will be arriving in mailboxes across the Northeast just when retailers are preparing the circulars for Christmas sales."

Suffer larger shop?

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