Friday, November 25, 2005

the streets are white with snow.

Hello Rick,
It snowed in Fermoy last night. Christmas is around the corner... So Rick, you asked for Christmas songs...

I finally found my Christmas CD pile.

The ones I want to hear
- Tori Amos "Winter"
It's Tori dammit. It's got to be good.
- Dean Martin "The Christmas Blues"
Found this on the LA Confidential soundtrack. Actually contacted EMI, but can't get the sheet music anywhere. It's a little more Tubridy than late night radio but still...
- Turn "When you Dream"
It's on "It's all Bells" and it's got to be on an album of theirs. It's not that Christmassy (and personally I feel that its going to break in to "house of the rising sun" at any moment, but it's a "peace on earth" message.
- Marvin Gaye "Purple Snowflakes"
You can't beat Marvin. Ahh smooching while it's cold outside (see below)
- The Handsome Family "So Much Wine"
Ah yes, I've have family weddings like this...

The unusual
- Lamb "Heaven"
It would be great for the chill out spot. Not exactly Christmas, but cool. (On the 6 feet under soundtrack and their own albums)
- Sugarbabes "New Year"
From memory, not released as a single (first album I think). Cool and unusual. Actually, a little chilly.
- Rasputina "Fire and Ice"
More winter than Christmas, but... (great Chellos baseline for a rock song)
- The Incredible Moses Leroy "Christmas in the Summertime"
Release this song in Ireland please. It's a love song. Obvious should be played with "Winter in July".
- Damian Dempsey & Sinead O'Connor "Fairytale of New York"
It’s the Irish traditional Christmas carol. However it's not the version most people hear. From the "it's all bells" compilation
- Juno Falls "White Christmas"
From the "it's all bells" compilation (phutCD002). It's a "rocky" version.
- Pugwash "Thanks for Christmas"
Same CD. I think it's his own, but I'm not sure. A little too bland for my taste but , pleasant.
- The Flaming Lips "A Change at Christmas (Say it isn't so)"
Is there anything not unusual about the Flaming Lips?
- Rufus Wainwright (3?) "Spotlight on Christmas"
Hey, people like the rich kids who give presents, not the poor who work during it.
- Ed Harcourt "In the Bleak Midwinter"
I can't believe it's not the Divine Comedy

The tacky
- Boney M "Mary's Boy Child"
It's as tacky as it gets, but it's a party song.
- Go Home Productions / Mark Viddler "Christmas on the Block" (J-Lo vs. Paul McCartney Jenny From The Block / Wonderful Christmastime)
Yes it's a mash. No longer on his site , but if you ask him I'm sure you could get a copy. He would also have a lot of suggestions.
- Tom Jones and Cerys Mathews "Baby It's cold outside"
Fun. However a karaoke version with you and Penny would be better.
- Tom Lehrer "A Christmas Carol"
The head of mathematics in Harvard should not have released this. It's great, and an accurate depiction of Christmas (shopping) today.
- Bob & Tom and 'Virginia Kegle' "I want a Boob Job for Christmas"
This is now my Christmas party piece. It's impossible to not hear the original and laugh.
- The O'Jays "Christmas ain't Christmas, New Years ain't New Years without the one you love"
Contender for the longest Christmas title ever?
- Diana Ross and the Supremes "Just a Lonely Christmas"
It shouldn't be tacky, but given here Westlife single this year, its unavoidable.

I'm going dancig now.
Take care,


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