Saturday, May 26, 2007

And it's over for Cork

The plan this morning was to get up early, head over to Cork City hall and take over from Stephen. however leaving Mallow last night I heard about Dan Boyle of the Green Party loosing his seat. But the counting continued. I woke up early to hear that counting had finished in the small hours of the morning.

So no need to take over.

Pity, I would have liked to compare them.

At the moment the figures are that Fianna Fáil has won 78 seats, Fine Gael has 51 seats, Labour got 20 seats, the Greens took 6 and Sinn Féin ended up with 4, the Progressive Democrats' vote saw their seat total reduced to 2, while Independent candidates took the remaining 5 seats.

84 is needed for a majority. I'll let you do the sums while the trading continues.

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