Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Mandy, fly me (after I complain about you)

I'm coming a little late to this party so excuse the recap.

First off, what on earth was 10cc thinking when they wrote that title of the post in 1976.

The time line seems to be as follows...
On June 1 2007....
Irish A list blogger and all round rights guy Damien Mulley went to the reboot 9.0 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. On his return, the company handling the luggage for Cork Sky Handling Partners Ltd, formerly known as "City Jet Handling", lost his luggage.

Mulley being Mulley complained (with extra crunchy profanity).

And so it seemed to be over.

On June 20 2007...
Around lunchtime (and quoting starts here) he ..."started getting email confirmations from dating sites, including gay ones saying [his] account for their site has now been created. Seems someone was creating profiles saying [he] was looking to meet men and had rather interesting profile descriptions. One of the emails disclosed the IP address where the person submitted the details from:

inetnum: -
descr: City Jet Handling Dublin.

City Jet Handling is the former name of Sky Handling Partners. "

IP spoofing not withstanding, it seems a little dumb to not cover your tracks.

Damien gives a fuller description on this post, which may have to be pulled because Handling Partners Ltd's lawyers have served him with a take down notice.

If this was an attempt to harass Mulley, it's backfired a bit. This news has spread out so much that a Google searchshows lots of details on the incident, from the humorous, to the business, including the telecoms business, the media to the legal. The other reason it might not work is that you don't silence an openly gay man by adding his profile to a gay dating site.

It's going to be interesting.

take care,

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