Saturday, February 23, 2008

Initial reactions to Eurosong Ireland 2008

RTE has details of all the performers (which might go away once the winner is chosen)

Donal Skehan
Double cross my heart
Out of key? Seriously it sounds terrible.
From the reactions, I wonder if the backing track transmitted was the same as the one heard in the studio.

Dustin Hoffman
Douze Points for Ireland
Wasn't expecting a "dance remix" performed live. The audience is booing? Terrible... didn't stop laughing one. I do like the backing singers. Much piss was taken in this song. I can't help wondering if it's the overall winner based on the reaction.

Time to Rise
Losses it a little on the higher notes... but I love the song.
Beautiful song, not quite the power ballad. Don't know if it is quite right for the Eurovision... but its the best one so far.

Leona Daly
Not Crazy After All
Oh wow. Better. Sam Brown sings the Beatles. I love this one. And the strip halfway through is... yes. My favourite.

Liam Geddes
Nervous start, but rapid improvement. He's talented. But somewhere a musical is missing some generic filler. Bland.

Marc Roberts
Eurgh. Ah no. Old sound. I mean the song sounds dated. Pleasant but unmemorable.

First reactions is...
04 Leona Daly should win,
03 Maya for second
02 Dustin will use this entry and fodder for ages.

But listening to the recaps... 05 Liam Geddes was so much better during the rehearsal. No idea why the judges think Donal should win based on that performance.

Oh well, roll on the results...

And the results are in

Not going through : Marc Roberts, Maya, Liam Geddes, Donal Skehan or Leona Daly.

Lord help us, Dustin won. It wasn't even the best of a bad lot.
Still, will spectacle beat any musical ability?
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Blogger GammaGoblin said...

I heard the studio version of songs on radio one on Thursday, and I can safely say apart from Leona Daly, they were all brutal live.

Leona Daly was fantastic, the wardrobe change was a bit weird though. She took off her coat and we saw about 2mm more of her legs. The coat was too short to begin with so the effect was lost. Not sure about the whole "weewoo" theremin effect in the song either.

Why was Donnie Darko on the judges panel btw?

8:39 p.m., February 23, 2008  
Blogger cork-host said...

Donnie Darko? Is that Louis or Dana?
So want to make a "Mad World" comment.

9:56 p.m., February 23, 2008  

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