Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Gentle reader,

This weekend I returned to "the mothership". I'm not much of a radio listener, in fact I only hear it first thing in the morning (clock-radio alarm) and when driving. She on the other hand loves listening to the thing.

She is also a RTE Radio One listener. But I do love one of her shows... Sunday Miscellany. If you have never heard it, Sunday Miscellany is a collection of short stories, around three or four minutes long, usually by an Irish writer or with some other Irish connection. Between the stories are pieces of music usually barely related to the topic of the story before it.

I wonder if RTE know what they have on their hands. I mean, the stories are ideal download length, and if you could pick and choose, or simply group them together by topic, you would have a great spoken word piece to give to someone. I don't know the legal situation, but themed CD's with classical music from the RTE orchestras and choirs would work brilliantly. I can see a Munster collection selling well!

On May 2nd (when all the stories are about working in some way), there is a Cork connection.
"Colette Olney looks at generations of Cork women who ran a family hotel business imprinting their own personalities on the establishment in the process. "

Considering the celebrations involved with Cork Unplugged and the "day of welcomes" I suspect Sunday morning is not going to see much of me, but it would be... interesting.

You would be surprised at what Interesting will do to you!

take care,


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