Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Catching up is hard to do...

Gentle reader,

I suppose I should play the catch up game. There is a lot to do!
Actually there isn't, I didn't get up to much that I can tell you about, its mostly work.

Let's see what are the highlights since May 12...

Well there is the Eurovision. It was a disaster for Ireland. Joint second last, with the only vote coming from the UK (or rather all the Irish people in the UK). To be honest, I'm not surprised. In the "old days", the winner was decided by a jury of "experts" in each country, coming together, listening to the songs repeatedly, and after careful consideration, voting for their neighbours. Nowadays, its televoting. This means, anyone who calls the number is a jury member. What has gone is the careful consideration. Nowadays you vote for the one you can remember.

Chris Doran isn't that bad a singer, but the song and the performance are as bland as a Tesco "value" crème brule. Bland is not remembered when you have 25 acts to consider.

If, they made the Eurovision a week long event with 10 acts each day, then the blander ones and the "growers" would stand a chance. But I suspect that no TV station could afford to do it.

No single TV station. It might be interesting to have a touring show.

Speaking of a Touring show, I went to see "Oh What a Night" with the cast from the Sound of Music (in the audience, I suspect that no one from the SoM could do all the dancing done on the Opera House stage for that show). Oddly enough, I had to do a google search to find the above site, and hit some reviews of the show. I think the plot, such as it is, has changed several times since the tour started. Not that the plot matters, it's more of an excuse to string a bunch of 70's songs and a lot of dancing together. If you can stand the music if the era, see it, you'll love it.

Over the weekend I had to drive down to Dublin. Can anyone tell me when Leinster had such a paedophile problem that it's become a campaign slogan for one of the candidates for the Leinster MEP?

To be honest, did very little. The only odd-light was bumping in to one of the teachers from my old school in the supermarket. Since his son was in my class, he never thought us, but for the same reason, he's ended up keeping tabs on most of the old class. It's strange hearing about what kids you knew and lost contact with are doing now. It's even stranger when it's not surprising!

While we are on music. "The Langer" is out on CD. I thought it was the Irish No. 1, but it's still listed as being "Eamon : F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)". Oh well, must try harder.

And so, I've done very little. I'm thinking of seeing "Troy" in the cinema having read Fluff's review of the movie. I suspect it's destined for drinking game heaven with all three Austin Power's movies. I'm also planning on seeing the new Harry Potter movie, (and my hasn't puberty been kind to Ms. Watson), I might even pick up the commemorative stamp too.

I'm also planning on cycling more (there that should keep some people off my back for a while at least).

But catching up on other sites, I see that there is another collective "oh no" coming form the US music industry. Now, my phone can play MP3s as ring tones, but some phones need the tune converted a little. A little piece of software called Xingtone lets you do just that! "It's problematic, because it has the potential to eviscerate the business model early in its development," said Ted Cohen, EMI Music's senior vice president of digital development and distribution. I almost feel sorry for them, Ring tone sales seem to be the only thing keeping vast acres of shite music afloat.


Another "Oh no" is coming from the RIIA. The RIAA trying to get the Consumer Electronics people to play along in the digital radio Broadcast Flag fight with the FCC. Well that are not playing along. (Boing Boing link).

Yet another "Oh no", but this time it's the families of the victims of 9/11 (2001) who can be heard heckling from the back row of the free recordings of the 9/11 Commission Hearings at Audible.com. If it wasn't for the knock on effects it would be entertaining.

And finally, no I'm not going to write a thing about that prison in Iraq nor the attack on the wedding party. Some things shouldn't need to be said.

take care,


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