Friday, May 07, 2004

Looking like a million dollars

Gentle reader,

Would you like to buy a 500sqft flat in London for $1,000,000? Why is a London flat being sold in dollars and not sterling? Well, if you are selling your flat on e-bay. And if you flat was decked out to look like the set of a Star Trek episode!

It's based on the next generation (and has a few pictures of Denise Crosby / Tasha Yar hosting a TV show about it). I have to admit, I couldn't live in it. I mean, where is the bed? However I like his kitchen! And it's a vast improvement on what the flat looked like before (he has before and after pictures).

However, under floor lighting in the bathroom sort of suggests a swift electrocution to me.

But why would someone build their own brig?

take care, and don't be too disturbed,


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