Friday, April 30, 2004

Viva the weekend

Gentle reader,

I've just done something I've not tried to do since the last film festival.

With the Film Festival (the 2004 site doesn't have listing yet, so I'm not linking to it), you have a schedule for the week, and you pick what you think you would like, or take pot luck.
This long weekend, I'm trying something similar with and the guide for the "day of welcomes".

On Friday... I've mentioned Elephant before and their album launch is tonight, so I'm going to that in the Granary. And probably buying a copy of the album too.

On Saturday, the two guides overlap, in the form of the John Spillanne (2.10pm) and North Cregg (2.40) following the Cork Pops Orchestra kicking the welcome things off on Patrick Street. And to round off the afternoon, Snatch move from spending a morning in Fitzgerald Park to the dryer location of the Bogeda at 4pm (they are also there on Sunday).

I can't make the Sunday venture as there are showcase gigs at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday in An Crúiscín Lán. There is something about a mixed showcase that just smells of promise. That's how I say the Waiting Room for the first time.

Back to the evenings, and the Lobby sees Niall Connolly, Paddy O'Herlihy & Billy Ramsell (who I thought was a poet, not a singer) play on Saturday. Sunday... well I'd love to see Therapy? in Cyprus Avenue, but I think it's all sold out, I wonder if they have any tickets left in Cobh for the Four of Us?

I'm hoping to be busy...

take care,


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