Thursday, February 10, 2005

So that's where my culture is...

The Cork 2005 people have been updating their website, and I think that the link to this PDF file of current listings is likely to stay valid for a while. Oh and their programme calendar (I think it's on every page) is worth playing with, if a bit hard to use).

Under the heading of "yes I am that shallow" is that the cleavage on the side of the Cork Opera House has now been identified. It's used to advertise the Opera Figaro's Wedding which is the first full scale production by Opera 2005. Oddly enough Mozart is not mentioned once, so this might not be Le Nozze di Figaro a.k.a. "The Marriage of Figaro". All the main characters are present however... Ewan Taylor from South Africa plays Figaro and the Countess will be sung by Norwegian Ann-Helen Moen. The Count is Riccardo Simonetti from the UK and Susanna is the Irish-born Sandra Oman.

Stating tomorrow is the literary masters for World Writing Series. The series runs in Cork from 11- 13 February and from 19 - 20 February at the Trinity Presbyterian Church on Summer Hill North and the Gresham Metropole Hotel on MacCurtain Street. Tickets are at the Cork Opera House Box Office.

Of personal interest are...
Seamus Heaney and Greg Delanty reading at The Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street on Sunday, 13th February, 4pm and...
Paula Meehan and Doris Lessing reading at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Summer Hill North on Saturday, 19th February, 4pm.

There are more readings on the and information here.

And finally, a festival, or at least a series of gigs from Friday March 11 until Wednesday March 30. Namely A Continent Undivided. You can read the blurb and the reasons behind it on their pages in, but of personal interest (it's my blog, I can have personal interest so there) are...

Sounds of the Balkans on Friday March 11 2005, 8pm in the Cork Opera House

Taraf de Haïdouks & Koçani Orkestar on Saturday March 12 2005, 8pm in the Cork Opera House

Radio Tarifa on Sunday March 20 2005, 8pm in the Everyman Palace
Mariza on Wednesday March 30 2005, 8.30pm in the Savoy Theatre

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