Friday, December 02, 2005

So much of the real Capital

The Capital Cinema is closing it's doors tonight.

Its hard for me to say I'll miss it. The place was a bit run down.

It was also unusual in that (until recently) it was the only cinema in Cork City not owned by Cork people.

The Capital was part of the Ward Anderson group, who own most of the Dublin City Centre cinemas.

(The Gate and Douglas are owned by someone in Cork. Blackpool and Ballincollig are onwed by someone in Cork. Everyone know Mick owns the Kino. The Triskel isn't usually a cinema, but it's Cork owned too. Only the Mahon Omniplex isn't Cork owned. At least not to my knowledge).

It's being turned in to "retail units".

If I can ask the developer a favor...

Make at least part of it a venue.

I used to know the manager of the Capital (last seen, my me anyway, running either the Half Moon or the Opera House). That's when I doscovered that the cinema had a real backstage.
It used to be a hall for the showbands.
We've lost the Lobby.

Imagine a pre-soundproofed building.
One with nothing open too late around it.

It would make a great city centre gig venue.


(add a coffee shop open during the gigs and it sounds even better to me).

take care,


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