Friday, March 10, 2006

The Captial rocks again!


I wrote a while back about what I hoped would happen to the Capital when it closed.

(a bit of cut and paste..)
... Imagine a pre-soundproofed building.
One with nothing open too late around it.

It would make a great city centre gig venue.


and what do I learn...

"Hot Press has learned that the old Capitol Cineplex cinema complex is to be re-styled as a multi-room live and contemporary music emporium. “I think it could be the venue that Cork people have been dreaming about,” one local industry insider told Hot Press. “It’s a place with real character, that you can imagine all sorts of interesting things happening in.”

According to sources, the venue is likely to have a limited life-span. The site has been earmarked for a major development, with apartments likely to be built there. However, those plans have apparently been shelved for a period of five years – allowing for the opening of what promises to be a unique venue."

The article later mentions that it's the people behind An Cruiscín Lán that are doing it.

I owe someone a kiss of thanks!
(And no TheCub, a kiss is not a BJ)



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