Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And the nominations for best picture are premature

This is a little scary. It’s the prediction for the 2007 Best Picture Oscars (tm) award.

I'm not joking.

The (current) top ten are...

1. Dreamgirls (musical, based on a Broadway show)
2. Flags of Our Fathers
3. The Good German
4. Babel
5. World Trade Center
6. The Departed
7. All The King's Men
8. The Queen (about Elizabeth II and Blair, not Elizabeth I)
9. United 93
10. Volver

Now then, I'm willing to bet that each one of these will be eligible to enter the awards, but watch the commercial success of these.
United 93 is the outsider, and the only one released in Ireland so far. It wasn't a commercial success, but it was a critical one. Probably more than made it's money back but not a blockbuster.

Keep this post, and the url handy for when the nominations are announced.


Blogger RC said...

this is pretty similar to my list, although i think that the good shepherd, the departed, or little children could all enter the top five and steal the place from babel and WTC.

United 93 was very low budget so it made money, but not tons, you are right.

I just recently blogged about the movie the's a very curious project.

--RC of

12:00 a.m., August 10, 2006  

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